Do I need to do a final walk through?

We certainly recommend it! This is your last chance to ensure things look the same as your initial visit with any requested repairs or upgrades completed to your approval within the terms of the contract

What credit score is needed to buy a home?

Most loan programs require a FICO score of 620 or better: Higher credit scores mean less risk to the lender so you may have perks of lower down payments and better interest rate. Lower credit scores therefore will require more money brought to the table or accept a higher interest rate.

How long should I expect for the home-buying process?

From the first steps of getting a pre-approved mortgage and starting your online search for homes, the process on average will take 10-12 weeks. Once you have selected the home of your dreams and your offer has been accepted, the escrow period is about 30-45 days. Market conditions may vary throughout the year.