What does a Buyer’s Agent do that a Listing Agent can’t, and vice-versa?

A Licensed Real Estate Agent can do either; assisting Buyers in finding their dream home or Listing homes for sellers ready to move. However, some agents will lean towards focusing on just one aspect to be more proficient and efficient in helping their clients!

The Thompson Team provides both Buying and Listing services, and we’re about to get even more proficient soon (stay tuned!). Having an agent who can focus on and prioritize Buyers, especially in this market, can have a huge advantage! Meanwhile, having another agent available for Listings keeps us a full-service one-stop-shop.

Buyer’s Agents:

A Buyer’s Agent is proficient in:

real estate buyer's agent hampton roads assisting with finding dream home
  • Working directly with those looking to buy
  • Being available and flexible to get you into showings as soon as homes hit the market
  • Contract writing and negotiating to help you WIN that house of your dreams, especially in this super competitive market
  • Understanding the current market values by staying informed on comparative sales in the area
  • Having a team of trusted professionals to support the process. Including Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Attorneys, Home Inspectors, ect.

Listing Agents:

A Listing Agent is proficient in:

listing agent hampton roads real estate marketing plan for home sellers
  • Working directly with those looking to sell their home
  • Understanding the important aspects of home improvements to boost a sale and increase marketability
  • Developing a detailed marketing plan for your listing to get plenty of exposure, showings and offers
  • Contract negotiating to find you the best offer, along with attention to detail to help you fully understand each offer
  • Having a team of trusted professionals to support the process. Including Contractors, Inspectors, Real Estate Attorneys, ect.

While any agent can, and typically does, perform in both roles, having some separation between tasks can help you get the best service! The Thompson Team provides full-time, full-service real estate assistance for buyer’s and sellers. With some changes coming to the Team, we’re excited to bring you even better service soon! Stay tuned!