So, you listed your house! Congrats! Now it’s time for showings with interested buyers to decide if this is the dream home for them.

Help make the decision easier for buyers by making these 5 quick and easy, “this for that”, swaps to make your home the most appealing during showings!

Showings Swap 1:

This: Family Photos
For That: Scenic Art of Photos

The goal of a showing is to help the buyer see themselves and their family in your home. If your walls are decked with family photos, they’ll be distracted by your beautiful family and the memories you have made. Instead, help them picture their future family memories! Keep the walls clean with just a few pieces of neutral art.

Showings Swap 2:

This: Entryway Clutter
For That: Bench, Table, Plant

Instead of welcoming buyers into your home with hanging jackets, keys, dog leashes and shoe bins, invite them in luxury-feeling style. Make the foyer a clean space that excites them to see more! Having just a bench and/or table and a plant in the entryway makes a huge difference.

Showings Swap 3:

This: Chargers, Cords, Gadgets, Knick-Knacks
For That: Organizer box

If you’re still living in your house while it’s listed, you can’t completely clean out unsightly items like charger cords and useful gadgets. However, you can tuck them (read: shove them) away in a convenient organizer box when you get a heads up about an upcoming showing.

Showings Swap 4:

This: Toys
For That: Baskets

It’s important to make your home a blank slate for potential buyers to picture their own wants and needs in the home. If they don’t have young kids, seeing a room scattered with toys or overflowing toy-bins won’t entice them very much. Large baskets make it easy to hide toys away (read: shove them) in a stylish way!

Showings Swap 5:

This: Strongly Scented Candles and Harsh Cleaning Products
For That: Fresh, Clean, Mild Scents

There’s no denying how important and safe a clean home is right now! Especially if strangers are touring through your home for showings while you still live there. Sanitizing and cleaning is a must, but make sure you aren’t using harsh-smelling, overpowering chemical products that will make your house feel more like a doctor’s office than a home. This goes for lighting candles or using scented-sprays too, pass on the heavy scents – while you might love it, others might not! – instead use very mild, neutral scents.

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