We’ve collected a list of must-do’s from our professional photographer to help your listing make a great first impression!

Craig Davenport, of ARC Imaging, recommends all homeowners tackle these tiny tasks when they get ready to list their home! With 9 out of 10 home shoppers searching online for their next house, the impression that your listing photos make is a big deal!

Use this check-list to prepare your home for professional listing photos:

  • Lights ON
  • Ceiling fans OFF
  • All light bulbs matching and working
  • Candles or fireplaces ON
  • Dust and sweep, rid of any cobwebs
  • Clean the windows
  • Open up all window treatments
  • Choose ONE appliance for the countertop
  • Remove appliance magnets
  • Tuck away dish soaps, dish towels, ect
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  • Put away all clean and dirty dishes
  • Organize any open shelving
  • Wipe away finger/nose prints on appliances and windows
  • De-personalize photographs and decorations
  • Hide pet food dishes and toys
  • Organize kid’s toys
  • Minimize any knick-knacks on display
  • Declutter every room, including closets
  • Vacuum carpets and mop/polish floors
  • Clean up bathroom vanities and showers, put away all bottles, soaps ect
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  • Wipe the bathroom mirror clean
  • Hide garbage baskets under the sink
  • Stow away laundry baskets
  • Remove floor mats and runners
  • Remove unnecessary décor and furniture (ex: out of season)
  • Make the Beds, fluff the pillows
  • Clear your nightstand completely
  • Fluff couch pillows and lay out neatly
  • Store away remotes and chargers
  • Put away all shoes, coats, keys, hats from entryway
  • Prune up house plants, replace fresh flowers
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clean up debris in yard
  • Hide away garbage cans and lawn equipment
  • Hide the cars from the driveway
  • Remove grill covers
  • Open up your patio/deck umbrellas
  • Sweep off your porch/patio/deck
  • Put cushions and pillows on outdoor furniture

Print this list off to cross off as you go to make your home’s photographs look truly amazing! Better photos means you will find the right buyers that will make appropriate offers. If you’re ready to get the listing process started, contact Eric or Danielle!