1- Develop Your Budget

First, you need to know how much you can spend on monthly mortgage fees. Your chosen Lender may approve you for more than your budget allows, so it’s important to know what your true spending amount will be.

Write out all incomes and list all outgoing payments from car fees and student loans to your weekly Starbucks stop.

2- Pick a Lender

Choose the Lender who you will be working with for an approved loan and for your mortgage payments. We prefer a Hampton Roads local Lending Office because we will be able to work more closely with them throughout the process.

3- Meet with Eric

Eric is the lead agent of The Thompson Team. You will schedule a meeting with him for your Buyer Counseling Session where you will share with him all of your wants and needs and review appropriate areas in Hampton Roads for you and your family.

Realistic expectations will also be discussed so you clearly understand the process and what Eric can do for you!

Following this meeting, he will present a list of properties that match what you’re looking for.

4- Go See the Property for Yourself

Once you have the potential-properties list from Eric, you need to go see the property for yourself! It’s important to do a quick drive-by to make the best use of you and your realtor’s time. Most clients know from just the first look if a home or neighborhood is right for them or not!

5- Call Eric to Schedule your Viewing and Write an Offer

Once you do a few drive-by viewings and know which houses you want to get inside to see, give Eric a call to set up a viewing or even put in an offer!

In the current market, houses are going quickly! It’s important to have these 5 outlined steps taken care of to get yourself started in the right order and into your dream home as quickly and smoothly as possible!