Virginia’s most searched-for interior design style over the past year was the French Country style.

To help you understand what French Country style features, we’ve put together this short style guide! You may be interested in some aspects of this design yourself, or you may come across many of its features throughout your home-buying search. Since it was found to be the most popular interior design in Virginia, it’s likely you’ll see it more often.

The Style

French Country style is summarized as being

  • Soft
  • Rustic
  • Elegant
  • Casual

The features almost contradict themselves (rustic yet elegant?) but that is what makes this style so unique and interesting when put together properly in a space!

The French Country Look

The goal styles above are achieve with:

  • Traditional freestanding furniture: adding the soft, casual or elegant aspects.
  • lots of wood and exposed stone walls: the rustic aspect.
  • patterned wallpapers: adding an elaborate elegant feel.

Again, each element is a little contradictory but all together create a beautiful space!

The Color Palette

Next, the color palette creates an important part of this style as well. The main colors that embody French Country are:

  • Off-Whites (and lots of them)
  • Soft Blues (called a “French Blue”)
  • Soft, Pastel Yellows

These colors compliment each other throughout the space between cabinet paint colors, through the patterned accent wall-papers and across the furniture’s fabric.

Now, check out these sample spaces that embody the French Country style beautifully!

The pictured kitchens feature a combination of these aspects to create their French Country look:

  • “French Blue” painted cabinets
  • Bridge the gap of Old and New
  • Display Fine China
  • Decorative Furniture
  • Tiled or painted chequerboard floor

Another space the French Country style can really shine is in the living room or family room. The main elements of this design are featured through:

  • Louis XVI distressed painted furniture
  • Romantic, luxury fabrics
  • Textures and floral patterns
  • One bold, large accent piece

The last room to consider going French Country is in the bedroom! You can achieve this with:

  • Linen Sheets
  • Long, pooling curtains
  • Washed-out pastel color palettes (sage green, sky blue, primrose yellow, chalky creams and every shade of white)
  • Wallpaper patterns

So, now that you know what makes up French Country, is it a style you would like to implement into your home’s design?

If you’re looking for a dream home to deck out with your personalized interior design ideas, contact Eric to get started on your home search!